Early Retirement- Intro

Just as Pat Flyn from SmartPassiveIncome.com calls himself the crash test dummy for online business I would like to call myself a crash test dummy for early retirement. For privacy sake my name is Mr. Atoms. I am 31, but this is only the starting of my journey to retirement which I hope to achieve by the age of 41 (earlier had hoped for 40). I am married and have a 5-month-old daughter. I do not have a big corpus yet and have about INR 23 lakhs saved in different investments. I work in the Middle East because of which I make a little more than average in India. But then again, the cost of living is also above Indian average as my family is here with me. I work in the investment field (not part of selection) making me a little more knowledgeable than a layman. But I do not claim to be an expert in stocks or investment selections or money management. Also because of the Middle East factor, I do not have to consider some things such as taxes, PF, deductions etc.

This my journey. Where I not only try to understand how much I should save to retire but also how to get the amount of savings. This will range from ways to save money and also ways to make more money. One thing which I have understood after my research on early retirement is that general population can never save enough for a complete retirement at an early age. But then again early retirement is different for different people. For me it would be great to have my whole income as passive not having to worry about anything. Doing what I love to do the most, reading, drawing and sitting idle. Well that I guess is not going to happen. I will have to settle for the next best thing, which is save enough money so that I do not have to worry about saving any more. After my saving is complete I can probably start something which I enjoy doing. It will just have to cover our expenses. So even if what I love to do is low paying, I can afford to do that because all the savings have already been done and rest is just to meet my expenses so that I do not dip into my savings. This sadly will not let me travel the world full time or just sit at home doing nothing. This blog does not have a clear outline except for the fact it aims to keep a track of my journey. Since I have not done it before (obviously), I don’t even know if this will ever work out. So probably (if I keep detailing my journey) in the end you will either see a man’s successful journey or a man’s failed attempt at making it big. Whichever it is, I am sure the journey will be an exciting one. I will post details of my net worth on a regular basis just so that everyone can keep a track of the development or lack thereof. Please feel to drop in your comments regarding anything you feel I should write about.

Happy Saving.